July 15, 2020

618 上海街, Past Events

5月上海街618市集介紹上海街618由4 棟20至40年代的唐樓改建活化,當中10幢更屬二級歷史建築,並改建成現在的「618 上海街」。雖然活化後,新商場只可以保留舊時唐樓的麻柱石、柱上的設計和文字,但依然甚有懷舊味道。本次市集希望為各位檔主帶來可以係閙市中,一邊感受古式建築群嘅同時可以一邊售賣自己的產品。 上海街618市集 地點:旺角上海街618號 日期:2020年7月11-12日 時間:1300-1930

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March 17, 2020

7 Mallory, Past Events

We believe that sustainable development allows the future generation. Environmental protection is not just a matter of life. G.O. Market invited different types of vendors to gather at No. 7 Mallory Street to showcase different kinds of environmentally friendly products.

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March 14, 2020


May Market @ 618 Shanghai Street “618 Shanghai Street” is a set of 4 Tanglou (唐樓) constructed between 1920’s to 1940’s. One of them is also listed as a class-2 historical architecture. Even after renewal, the arcade preserved the original stone pillar and its word carvings.We aim to provide our participants to enjoy the antique

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